Application of cold forming steel to build houses with earthquake resistance

Earthquakes are natural phenomena and it is difficult for people to intervene to change but we can prevent and mitigate the destructive effects of earthquakes.

This material has quite good force absorption.

Cold-formed steel (CFS) is a very light material and has better elasticity than the materials commonly found in construction such as concrete. This material is also capable of absorbing quite a good force, helping to dissipate the impact of seismic forces.

To test the structure of cold forming steel, a group of engineers came from the University. San Diego has built a 6-storey high-rise CFS building on a giant vibrating base outdoors. The building is considered the highest CFS structure so far tested.

The engineering team recreated the magnitude 6.7 earthquake in California in 1994 through a vibrating table below the house. The earthquake at that time killed 57 people and injured 8700 people. The building is designed in a condominium to ensure the application of this material is higher.

Google’s artificial intelligence “gave birth to itself”

An artificial intelligence system by Google launched the “AI child” product that has capabilities far beyond man-made software.

AutoML, a supercomputer created by Google engineers, created NASNet at the beginning of the year, the artificial intelligence system (AI) capable of far beyond human-made software, the Daily Star yesterday believe.

NASNet can identify objects such as people and cars in photos and videos with an accuracy of up to 82.7%, better than any human-produced AI system.

Google’s AutoML supercomputer

Google’s AutoML supercomputer has the ability to create a more powerful AI system than human-written software.

AutoML itself is an AI system capable of producing many self-learning programs. “We hope the larger machine learning community can be built on these versions to handle many computer problems that we have not yet envisioned,” the team of Google Brain engineers developed the system. Mother share AutoML.

However, experts are concerned with the ability to produce more powerful “children” of these supercomputers. “What if AutoML creates systems that are so fast that society can’t keep up? It’s not hard to see how NASNet’s application capabilities in automated monitoring systems in the near future, before regulations to control them effectively, ‚ÄĚstressed the Futurism technology page.

However, Ray Kurzweil, Google’s technical director, thinks that AI will upgrade the world. “Technology is always a double-edged sword. Fire helps us cook and keep warm but also burns our homes. My point is not that AI will replace people. They will help us. stronger, “Kurzweil said.

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