Samsung is producing clothes that can charge the phone

Samsung has just registered a new copyright on clothing that can generate energy from the wearer’s movement and its application can wirelessly charge the phone.

This license was granted by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on June 2, a year after Samsung filed a copyright application.

Sam Sung’s smart clothes structure.

Many microprocessors and sensors will generate energy, converting into useful functions.

Samsung’s smart clothes will be able to “harvest energy”, stimulate sensors attached to clothing and generate energy from wearer’s movements. Many microprocessors and sensors will generate power, convert into useful functions, such as wireless chargers for phones in the pocket or with cameras on the back. Samsung’s copyright also confirms that the battery can be integrated inside smart clothes.

Samsung’s smart clothing technology can be applied to a variety of clothing – jackets, pants, hats, and gloves.

Samsung first introduced its smart clothing brand, The HumanFit at IFA 2015, and speculation that the company will launch smart clothing at CES 2018.

Integrating technology into clothing is a rising trend, after Google released a smart jacket, in collaboration with Levi’s. Apple is also said to be developing smart clothing.

New-style toothbrushes, just attached to the mouth and 3 seconds, are clean

Tired of having to stand in front of a mirror at night or early in the morning just to brush your teeth, a professional toothbrush called Unico will be the perfect solution for your problems.

As a fundraising product on Unico’s Indiegogo site with addresses in Venice, Italy, Unico smart brush can help people brush their teeth faster and more conveniently without using their hands.

The two freed hands are more convenient for grooming or making other personal tasks more convenient.

Unico developer confirmed that the device only takes 3 seconds to finish brushing. This time is only by movements such as spraying gum or spraying your perfume daily.

The Unico head consists of many brushes with a motor system and ultra-small toothpaste pump that helps toothpaste to be transferred to the tip of the brush easily.

Unico will have 4 different size options depending on the jaw of each user. Unico also arranged a support for the product in conjunction with the UV projector to disinfect after each use.

The device only takes 3 seconds to finish brushing.

The product uses electricity and supports charging via the charging dock. Users can even change the brushing time or brush speed as desired from the accompanying support application.

Currently Unico is just a fundraising product on Indegogo site and promises to be available in the market in June 2018 soon. The price for each product is from USD 118 (about VND 2.6 million).

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