New generation cotton blankets help sleep better, reduce stress

If you are interested in new innovations in technology and care for your health and sleep, this blanket is exactly what you need.

Recently, blanket manufacturers have just launched a new type of blanket called YnM blanket, which is made from 100% cotton.

In blankets use a “deep-touch” therapy that makes people use the feeling of being wrapped like babies, helping to create a deeper, more comfortable sleep, while helping them reduce anxiety and stress. and many other health concerns.

YnM heavy blanket ideas, which use DPTS, simulate a very heavy pressure on the user when covering the blanket.

The new type of blanket called YnM blanket is made from 100% cotton.

This is a new massage therapy, when touching the body, the blanket will create a fairly heavy pressure that relaxes the body parts, making the user feel like being massaged. At the same time DPTS will quickly alleviate anxiety and stress in the mind.

The heavy pressure on the body feels like we are being embraced, cuddled like babies. The very thing that relaxes the nervous system, creates a sense of comfort, helps people feel more relieved.

This is a new invention, and these blankets are likened to “coats.” YnM blankets have a fairly simple operation mechanism. It works to create pressure under natural reactions. Heavy pressure relaxes the human nervous system.

When the nervous system is relaxed, it will stimulate the production of serotonin and dopamine, which are happy hormones that make the spirit more cheerful and optimistic. Then serotonin is converted into melatonin, a hormone that makes the body fall asleep, creating deep sleep.

In particular, YnM blankets are extremely useful for those who are constantly facing symptoms of anxiety, depression, minor injuries, or body aches and pains, or sleep disorders.

All of us, at least everyone wants to have deep sleep, no longer worrying worries that keep us awake constantly.

After each deep sleep the body is relaxed, more excited, happier, stresses, fatigue are erased. These are the benefits that YnM blankets bring to us in everyday life.

It is highly rated on Amazon (these are highly authentic reviews from Fakespot), besides it has many advantages over other normal blankets such as: There are many sizes and weights suitable for height, weight of users (it is recommended that you buy heavy blankets equivalent to about 10% of body weight).

YnM blankets are designed to allow users to easily move. Being made from 100% cotton helps the blanket keep heat and adjust the temperature very well, it will not be too hot or too cold, it will automatically adjust so that the temperature is suitable for the user’s body. In addition, it has many colors to choose from.

If you are interested in new inventions of technology, and care about your health and take care of your own sleeps, then YnM blanket is the best choice.

China developed chicken facial recognition technology

Thanks to blockchain technology, a Chinese company is about to allow users to use facial recognition technology to track … the chickens they have purchased.

The company is called ZhongAn Online – a company that operates in the field of technology insurance. With this upcoming product, users will be able to track the movements of chickens in real time through a GPS strap mounted on the chicken feet.

According to ZhongAn, their GoGo Chicken products will help health-conscious gourmet keep track of the life cycle of … chickens will become their food in the future, helping them feel more secure in the context of the market. Real fake food schools that shoppers can’t see as they are today.


Face recognition technology will ensure any customer who has ordered a chicken can actually follow the chicken from his smartphone.

Currently there are only 100,000 chickens with GPS rings, but the Shanghai company said it planned to increase the number of chickens involved in the project to 23 million in the next 3 years, contributing to the public. Internet technology (IoT) into chicken farms in China.

Once registered with the GoGo Chicken system, these poor chickens will be equipped with devices to track the movement and type of food they have eaten. Chickens are quite slow, can live 4-6 months compared to industrial chickens only 45 days before being … slaughtered. Therefore facial recognition technology will ensure any customer who has ordered chicken can actually follow the chicken from his smartphone. Animal face recognition technology is not new, typically Google uses it to identify the pets in the image that users upload to Google Photos.

ZhongAn is seeking to take advantage of the growing trend of “farm tourism” in China, where urban people often spend weekends traveling on farms to interact with Pets get meat. The company said its technology is a tool for the growing middle class in China – people who are very concerned about food safety and want to better monitor the food sources they will eat. This concern increased very quickly after the scramble in 2014, when a supplier to McDonald and KFC was found selling rotten and expired meat to fast food chains.

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