Artificial intelligence first defeated humans in a reading comprehension test

Artificial intelligence has just created a new record when beating people in the university’s reading comprehension ability. Stanford, USA.

According to Futurism, artificial intelligence developed by Alibaba has successfully passed the reading comprehension test by the University. Stanford USA specifically designed to evaluate computer literacy.

Specifically, the AI ​​won with 82.44 points while humans only reached 82,304 points. This is also the first computer to defeat people. Then one day, Microsoft AI surpassed the AI ​​of Alibaba with 82,650 points in the same test.

The AI ​​won with 82.44 points while humans only reached 82,304 points.

The above result is also synonymous, now machines can answer questions that are objective and clear like “where does rain come from”.

Stanford’s question and answer set consists of 10 thousand questions related to about 500 articles on Wikipedia encyclopedia. Respondents must be able to handle a large amount of information before filling in the correct answer for each question.

Stanford’s test has become a standard chosen by many major technology firms such as Google, Facebook, IBM, Tencent or Samsung to evaluate AI.

Luo Si, a natural language processing scientist from Alibaba’s AI research department, called the milestone a “great honor”. However, Si also acknowledged, the rapid development of AI will greatly affect the workers.

Si believes that AI will gradually replace people in handling customer service, museum guides or responding to requests from patients. In particular, AI will help reduce the need for training for people.

Stanford’s question and answer set consists of 10 thousand questions related to about 500 articles on Wikipedia encyclopedia.

Alibaba is famous for bringing AI to support sales for a long time. During the 11/11/2017 shopping festival, Alibaba used AI to answer a large number of customer service questions. Above all, artificial intelligence can operate at all times and replace people effectively in jobs that need constant connectivity such as consulting customers or services.

In October 2017, Alibaba announced plans to invest $ 15 billion for emerging technologies such as AI, quantum computers and IoT.

Not only Alibaba, other Chinese technology companies such as Tencent or Baidu are also ambitious to develop AI to create competitive advantage over rivals. Artificial intelligence is expected to delight in social media feeds, advertising or even support future self-driving cars.

Bi tragedy is cold: The phone battery falls quickly to the disaster, why?

Has your phone ever fallen into a fast battery down time on cold days?

The story of a man living in Chicago, where the winter is really harsh. It is said that this person once had to be outdoors while the temperature was -16 degrees Celsius, and all he wanted to do was walk into a store to avoid the cold.

The other guy had the other purpose of charging thanks to the phone battery in the store. When the phone was full of battery, he moved to the city center, an unfamiliar place. No problem, because there is a GPS system on the phone to find the way.

However, when he took out his phone, he found something strange. The phone’s battery capacity has decreased markedly, the icon on the right corner of the screen has only one red line and 1% figure. A minute later, the screen turned off.

The phone “snapped” when it was cold. Why?

Why is it like that?

Simple, because it’s cold, the battery stops working and its mechanism is as follows.

First, it is important to know that batteries that rely on chemical reactions and most of the batteries in electronic devices are now lithium ion. During charging, Lithium ions move from the anode to the cathode and the discharge process, or battery use, will be the opposite.

Lithium ion batteries often use electrodes as compounds whose crystal structure is in the form of layers. The ions will penetrate and fill the gap between these layers during charging and battery use, so that chemical reactions occur.

The battery works based on chemical reactions.

But anyone who learns chemistry will know that low temperatures will slow or stop the reaction. And that is why your phone collapses when it is cold.

In fact, scientists have yet to find out exactly why cold weather slows down reactions that occur inside lithium ion batteries. In 2011, a group of battery research engineers shared in The Electrochemical Society: “The exact mechanism leading to poor performance of lithium ion batteries at low temperatures has not been clarified.”

But extreme cold weather will reduce the reaction in most batteries is real

Stephen J. Harris, a chemist from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, said that under extremely cold temperatures, lithium ion battery charging is impossible.

When the battery capacity on the phone displays 1%, it means that all ions do not shift to negative. Cold temperatures will prevent those reactions, so the current generated is weaker than what the phone needs to operate normally.

The sign of “electric shock” is a battery that suddenly runs out and goes off soon after. When the battery is too cold, the ions will not reach the cathode. Instead, they leave the electrolyte solution and cling to the cathode surface in solid form. This process may damage the performance and battery life.

In fact, phone manufacturers can ensure that the device still works well in the range of 0 – 45 degrees Celsius.

When the phone is warmed again, the reaction will return to normal without any impact on the power source. It turns out that ions have not disappeared anywhere, just that they cannot move when the temperature is too cold.

What is the temperature to make the phone battery slump?
In fact, if you are in Vietnam in the cold days and feel your phone battery is falling faster than the real thing, then the advice is … so replace the battery. In fact, phone manufacturers can ensure that the device still works well in the range of 0 – 45 degrees Celsius.

Outside of that, things started to become more difficult with the device. So, if you feel that the battery is falling faster then it is just a “god of soul”, or your phone is about to be replaced.

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