Announcing the chemical analysis of three singular stars

Many interesting analyzes involving three singular stars HD 51959, HD 88035 and HD 121447 were published by scientists. Research, based on spectral data obtained by extended spectrophotometer (FEROS).

The researchers conducted an analysis of the chemical abundance of the three odd stars, HD 51959, HD 88035 and HD 121447.

Karinkuzhi’s team obtained the high resolution spectrum of these three stars by using the FEROS spectroscopy instrument installed on the ESO telescope 1.52 m in Chile. This tool allows researchers to analyze the abundance of more than 20 chemical elements in these stars.

These are giant stars of the barium star strain.

“The percentage of heavy elements observed in the three stars is consistent with most barium stars in the universe,” the author wrote in the report.

According to the study, HD 51959 appears to be a light barium star, HD 88035 a strong barium star and HD 121447 barium metal star poor. The barium ratio for iron [Ba / Fe] in HD 51959, HD 88035 and HD 121447 respectively 0.81, 1.51 and 2.67.

The researchers found that the abundance of carbon in HD 121447 was enhanced. When it comes to the abundance of nitrogen, the results show that nitrogen is enhanced in all three stars.

Furthermore, the proportion of alpha-factor residues of stars studied, except magnesium, is generally consistent with barium stars. Moreover, the abundance of iron elements in HD 51959 and HD 88035 is typical for the giant stars of the barium star strain.

NASA is giving us the opportunity to completely send names to the Sun

Send a part of you to the Sun – cool idea? And the best is that you can do it completely without spending a cent.

If one day suddenly you want to send something with your own imprint on the Sun without knowing how, then don’t worry. Recently, NASA gave us an opportunity by sending our name on a ship called Parker Solar Probe.

In a $ 1.5 billion (about 34 trillion) project called “touching the Sun”, NASA will send a ship straight to approach the solar system’s host star. The special mission is that the ship will approach the Sun at a distance 7 times closer to what we have done so far.

The Parker Solar Probe will move at great speeds.

The ship will move at great speeds – up to 700,000km / h. “Quick enough to go from Philadelphia to Washington DC in 1s”, – NASA shared.

And now, you have the opportunity to send your name according to that ship. It will be saved in the memory card attached to the ship’s control panel. The name is also considered a form of identity, so it can be said that a part of you will be moved at an “unprecedented” speed that guarantees a lifetime you can hardly experience.

The task is aimed at understanding energy flow and heat on the corona (solar corona). With the knowledge gained about the Sun, we have more hope to understand more about other stars in the universe. According to NASA, this mission will reveal a lot about the acceleration of the solar wind and matter particles, which they have been looking for answers for over 60 years.

The wind of the sun at the coronary rim.

To accomplish the mission, the ship will suffer temperatures of up to 1,370 ° C. However, due to being equipped with a shield, the area inside the ship will be kept at room temperature on Earth, in order to preserve the internal equipment. So, your name will be kept very carefully until the ship finishes its mission.

“The first ship to the Sun – Parker Solar Probe – will be launched in 2018, with the goal of entering orbit around the corona. There, the temperature is up to a million” – William Shatner, acting The famous member of the Star Trek series was invited by NASA to be the spokesperson for the campaign.

The ship will carry my name, yours, of everyone who wants to send something to the Sun.

“The ship will carry my name, yours, of everyone who wants to be on this trip.”

And you know what the best part of this story is? It is completely FREE. Simply register at: before April 27, 2018 is okay.

After registration, NASA will send you a confirmation email. And then, you will see the “certificate” proving your name will be put on board, like this.

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