Hardwoods like steel can block bullets

Materials researchers developed a simple process of turning a piece of wood into a hard, super-solid material like steel that could block bullets.

The new, inexpensive technique developed and described by the team at the University of Maryland, USA, in a paper published in Nature, includes boiling a block of wood in sodium hydroxide and sodium sulphide solutions to eliminate compounds. hardness. After that, the wood block was immediately compressed at high pressure and heated to 100 degrees Celsius, International Business Times yesterday reported.

The finished product is 20% smaller, three times denser and possesses some impressive properties but is 20 times stiffer, compresses 50 times better and has the ability to stretch 11.5 times the material original These characteristics make this type of wood rigid to steel but lighter than steel. Not only is the impact force much better, the product is also moisture resistant and can be molded into any shape during compression.

Thickened wood can even block bullets. In the study, researchers fired stainless steel bullets with air guns, which could easily puncture a conventional wooden board but could not fly through processed wood stacked with multiple layers of similar thickness. .

Researchers created a super hard new wood material.

The team said the technique could create a new layer of hard and ultra-light wooden materials that could be used to replace construction steel, help produce vehicles or even make bulletproof panels. .

Floating food – New innovation to attract strangers

Have you ever thought that the best food is when you fly straight into the air from the air? It sounds strange but this is the result of research by scientists from the University of Sussex, England.

This special system called TastyFloats – is a food dispenser in the air, promising to bring a new, more delicious experience to users.

This will be a revolutionary step in culinary technology.

Dr. Chi Vi, of the University of Sussex, said: “We use the principle of sound transmission. Thus, the sound waves will create gaps in the air, and you can put the food in there.” .

Dr. Chi Vi’s burger consists of 5 layers of cake with lettuce and beef – not inferior to other normal cakes. With this system, scientists are testing 3 out of 5 basic tastes: sweetness, taste of meat and bitter taste.

Dr. Chi Vi added: “We found that, with suspended food, the sweet taste will be sweeter, but the bitterness will not be too uncomfortable as usual”.

Now scientists are in the process of creating new dishes, such as breakfast cereals and fruit juices, and will test the system at a local restaurant. The team expects that this will be a revolutionary step in the culinary technology, helping to completely change the normal eating habits.

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