Destructive tsunamis once hit China 1,000 years ago

Research by Chinese scientists shows that the tsunami destroyed once hit the area of ​​Guangdong Province, 1,000 years ago, in the Song Dynasty.

According to the South China Morning Post (SCMP), scholars in the study urged the government to pay attention to threats to have a suitable future response, especially in areas with nuclear power plant or strategic project.

“This study confirms the tsunami threat coming from the South China Sea. The threat should be scrutinized, considering projects to build nuclear power plants, seaports, and future oil storage facilities, “the researchers wrote.

Tsunami hit Japan in 2011 is considered a lesson with China.

Eight years ago, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan caused serious radioactive leakage, causing far-reaching effects today.

According to the research team from China University of Science and Technology, tsunamis from the East Sea hit the area off Guangdong Province in 1076.

Researchers found evidence of destructive waves on an island. Coral reefs and reefs are swept deep into the island and only tsunamis can do it.

According to the computer model, tsunamis can be originated from earthquakes in the Manila Crater. In the Song Dynasty (960-1279), traces of tsunamis were recorded.

The researchers also found 15,000 coins in the shipyard, a sign that the tsunami swept the ship ashore. These artifacts appear only in the Song Dynasty, not before or after the tsunami.

Researchers urged the government to invest soon in building an early warning system of tsunamis and earthquakes. Because China is not entirely outside the influence of the tsunami.

Fuqing Nuclear Energy expressed interest in research, saying that the third reactor they planned to build near shore would have a tsunami-resistant design, ensuring no radiation leaks. to the environment.

The curse of opening the coffin of Egyptian mummies causes death to real material?

Many mummies were found by archaeologists in thousands of years in tombs in Egypt, but did discovery lead to deadly curses?

According to the Daily Star, the most recent discovery is a 4,400 year old tomb, a unique one, containing a mummy of a pastor at the Saqqara pyramid complex, near Cairo, Egypt.

In the past, many deaths were related to the discovery of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun tomb in 1922. George Carnarvon, one of the people present at the time, was the first to die of a blood infection caused by a mosquito bite in 1923.

The latest discovered mummy is dated 4,400 years ago.

A few months later, the brother of Carnavon, Aubrey Herbert also died for the same reason. Even those who did not set foot in the grave area, but possessed artifacts also had a disaster.

A man named Bruce Ingham possessed a bracelet from the pyramid, with the words: “Curse those who interfere with our bodies and take objects for jewelry.”

Ingham’s house collapsed completely a few months later because of the earthquake. After being rebuilt, it was destroyed by floods.

The mummy remains intact when found.

In 1924, a participant in the mysterious mummy death appraisal was unknown. Egyptian Prince Ali Kamel Fahmy Bey, shot by his wife in London, after taking a photo of the tomb.

And many others are said to be “cursed by Egyptian mummies”.

Dr. Penny Wilson, an archaeologist and researcher at Durham University, said that the ancient Egyptians considered keeping people from coming into the tomb.

Wilson said: “The ancient Egyptians did not want anyone to intrude on the tomb of mummies, so they used various methods from basic to basic to trap, lock the tomb.”

Pharaoh’s mummy discovery in 1922 caused many deaths.

Bacteria are thought to be put into a mummy to be closed, resulting in many people being excavated dead from blood infections. But Wilson said that this could also reflect the bad environment of Egyptian slaves when building pyramids.

Professor Aidan Dodson from Bristol University said that the “curse” written inside the crypt is like a ritual, not necessarily to warn grave thieves or strangers to set foot in the grave.

The chemicals and bacteria that are present in the crypt are just accidental, not intentionally arranged, Dodson said.

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