Universe origin according to Stephen Hawking’s theory

Hawking radiation is one of the most striking works of Professor Stephen Hawking, helping decode the black hole and the origin of the universe.

Professor Stephen Hawking has dedicated his life to finding answers to the most cosmic questions. What is that?

What exists at the center of the black hole?

Black holes are objects with odd material density, their gravity is so great that light cannot escape.

According to research by Stephen Hawking and physicist Roger Penrose, if you can travel inside the center of the black hole, you will find something called the singularity.

At the singularity, an enormous amount of material is compressed into a small space, causing gravity there to become infinite and everything falling into it is crushed.

What happens at the edge of the black hole?

Maybe you think, vacuum is a space that does not contain matter. However, this is not true, at least not in accordance with quantum theory.

The vacuum always has fluctuations between particles and antiparticles. At the edge of the black hole, when the outer particles are sucked in, the particles inside will escape. These outflow particles are a form of energy radiation, called Hawking radiation, which causes the black hole to shrink and disappear.

This process takes place over a very long period of time, but eventually they will explode and release energy equivalent to a million through the atomic bomb, erasing all traces.

Stephen Hawking showed that everything in the universe originated at a singular point and then exploded (Big Bang explosion) to form galaxies, stars, planets, people and everything that existed. . That is the beginning of the universe.

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